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Goal $100,000


Made up of many things small

It’s a simple idea really, a people-helping-people-crowd-funding concept that will make a difference and show the good in people. People like you.

This is a just launched platform and it’s ready to make a difference.

But help is needed. Your Help

Life happens. And life makes us, or can break us. Sometimes all life needs is a little help. That’s what is all about. Just one dollar, from a bunch of us, can make the difference to so many of us in truly need.

But, we’ve just launched this platform, and we need your help to prove it works. We need to go viral with this promise –that a dollar from a bunch of us can help so many of us. So we’re asking you to donate one dollar. That’s it. With a click. It’s that easy.

No one will hound you for more, in fact, no one will know that you gave us the dollar. It’s that confidential. But imagine what one dollar can do.

True story – a few years ago a mother wanted to show her children how powerful a dollar is. In this world of “I want that now” and “Mine needs to be the best,” she wanted to take her young sons back to the basics. So off she sent them around their neighborhood to ask neighbors to donate just one dollar to feed the local hungry. The neighbors protested and wanted to give more, but the guidelines were simple – all the boys were asking for was one dollar (yes, low and behold they found more than a few five dollar bills in their basket at the end of their journey). They took what was collected from the homes just around their immediate neighborhood, and after shopping, found that they fed a family of four for an entire week! Amazing! No one missed their dollars – and yet the family that received certainly would have missed the donation!

This is the example we are following. But on a social-media-let’s-go-viral-global kind of manner.

So donate just $1 today to kick this more-than-worthy platform off the ground. Please.

Share, like, donate, help. Be part of something bigger than any of us can do alone.


Campaign Updates


Thank you everyone for your help but there is a long way to go. We had 1692 views on this campaign in the last 3 weeks but need a lot more! Please share, share, share. Thank you!