Louis Paduano Campaign

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Goal $100,000

Create your campaiMy story is this , Ive always had this space in my heart that cant be filled to obtain the joy and happiness that i seek and thats to live in the Philippines. My Mom who always knew of this thing that would fill My heart and cause me to be absolutely content and happy till i die, said to me once as she was dying of her own terriable sickness,Alzhimers and being able to still barely walk,came up to me,without me mentioning it forhow long said,Louie dont worry about me and dont worry about your Dad if thats going to make you happy then do it! I was at first very shocked at first,thinking with the stage of her sickness that she couldn't even remember my name,but could remember what would make me the happiest,Wow! And i thought about it even further that here My Mom is dying andshe was more concerned with My happiness that brought some tears to my eyes !!!! I must say if needed to anyone who will help me reach my goal,i would offer proof of what im saying if needed! So I will pray that you will help me obtain my goal and i will not except anymore than what i ask!!!gn page here.

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