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Starting an online fundraiser can be an exciting and fun time. Being able to dream and think about reaching your goals can bring a short respite of relief to the stresses that are making you need to raise money. “What if they’re right and I can get 100,000 people to give me a dollar?” Wow, stay in that dream for a few minutes and visualize what that success will look like. It can help you in drawing the motivation to reach your goal.

But let’s also make sure that you start with everything you need in place to achieve that success.

We’ve developed tools to help you through everything here on our site and you’ll have full access to them. But to get started you must run through our Get Started campaign. You’ll see how it works and yes you will give a dollar. When you’re done make sure you click the "Return to the site" link on PayPal that will return you back with your payment code. With that you’ll get a link to create your campaign and open the site to you. If you miss clicking that link don’t worry, we’ll send you an email with the link too.

If you’re willing we’ll walk you through

  • Defining your goals and objectives
  • Creating your story
  • Assembling your team
  • Developing tactics
  • Executing your plan

And if you’re not interested in creating a plan you can just create a campaign page and start distributing your link.

We just ask that you don’t lie and give everyone else on this site a bad name. And we will check! So run through our Get Started Campaign and get going!


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Ready to create your own campaign? Click the Get Started Now link below and run through our campaign and then create your own.

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