Fundraising tactics

Once you know how much you plan to raise, why you need to raise it, and how you’ll tell people about it. You need to figure out how you’ll raise it. We have a campaign plan wizard that you can use after creating your campaign to do those things.

There are a number of ways to raise money and creative people are finding new ways every day. We’ll keep you informed of new ideas as we get them and have laid out some of those tactics below. We’ll write more about them in this section so keep checking back.


Online Fundraising

  • — Use to manage your fundraising and collect donations.
  • Email — Compose an email using your elevator pitch and send to your email contacts asking for their support which includes asking them to send it on to their contacts.
  • Social Media — Post messages on your social media accounts to get the word out and ask your followers to donate and share it further.


Direct Fundraising

  • Media Communication — Get your local newspaper and TV to pick up your story.
  • Direct Mail — Sending letters asking for donations.
  • Individual Giving — Ask people to make major gifts to your campaign.
  • Telemarketing — Call potential donors and ask them to give.
  • Door-to-door — Volunteers going door-to-door asking for donations.
  • Grants — Find and write grants to obtain money.
  • Corporate Giving Programs — Identify corporations that may be donors and meet their criteria for giving.


Event Fundraising

  • Events — Plan and hold an event to bring the community together to raise money.
  • Participatory Events — Hold Walk-a-thons, cook-offs, raffles, Chinese auctions and the like.

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