Need dollars? Here’s how we can help.


Why We’re Great to Work With!

  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Mobile Ready
  • Your Own Campaign Advisor
  • Safe and Secure Donations Through PayPal
  • Online/Mobile Tools for Marketing and Management
  • Quick Access to Funds

It’s quick, it’s easy, and you won’t be left alone to do it on your own (unless you want to be).


1. Create Your Campaign

Run through our Get Started Campaign to create an account.

  • Takes less than 5 minutes
  • Can be done right from your phone

2. Tell Your Story

Help people to feel the impact of your fundraising efforts. Give them an understanding of what their donation will mean and an opportunity to feel good about what they’ve done. Motivate them to help.

Depending on you we have a few different ways to help you tell your story and get started.

Quick and easy, down and dirty

  • Write your campaign and thank you pages adding your pictures and videos
  • Tweak a few settings
  • Publish

Thought out and planned

  • Create a campaign plan using our campaign plan wizard
    • Define your goal and objective
    • Create your story and elevator pitch
    • Assemble a list of key team members or helpers
    • Brainstorm fundraising tactics
    • Create a list of tasks to accomplish
    • Receive execution reminders
  • Use your story to create your campaign and thank you pages and emails adding your pictures and videos
  • Tweak a few settings
  • Publish

3. Share, Share, Share and then share some more

Get everyone you can to help and ask them to share some more as well. It’s all about reach.

Send your story and link to:

  • Your email contacts
  • Social media accounts
  • Text messages
  • Press releases
  • And ask them to re-share it

When you’ve got a great story and can get it out to allot of people you’ll be amazed how far it can go! When people you don’t know from around the globe are helping, you’ve made it!


4. Accept donations, monitor, manage and give updates

We use PayPal for donations because it’s fast, free, easy and donators don’t need a PayPal account to use it. And don’t be mis-lead by the name "A-Dollar-To", your donators can give more than a dollar!

When you create a campaign you’ll have access to your own Campaign Dashboard. In there you’ll find tools for monitoring and managing your campaign and staying in touch with your supporters.

It’s important to stay in touch with your supporters. These are the people that liked your story and believed in it. These are the people that will share it and tell others about it. And if your close to your goal and need help reaching it these are the people you can go back to for more help. In your Campaign Dashboard you’ll find the tools to publish updates on your campaign and send it to your supporters.


Get Started

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