Want to know why we do this? Well, we want to tell you.

It’s plain and simple, we want to help. We have our own dreams and we know it’s getting more difficult to attain them. We know there’s lots of people who feel the same and will help, a dollar at a time.

True story – a few years ago a mother wanted to show her children how powerful a dollar is. In this world of “I want that now” and “Mine needs to be the best,” she wanted to take her young sons back to the basics. So off she sent them around their neighborhood to ask neighbors to donate just one dollar to feed the local hungry. The neighbors protested and wanted to give more, but the guidelines were simple – all the boys were asking for was one dollar (yes, low and behold they found more than a few five dollar bills in their basket at the end of their journey). They took what was collected from the homes just around their immediate neighborhood, and after shopping, found that they fed a family of four for an entire week! Amazing! No one missed their dollars – and yet the family that received certainly would have missed the donation!

And that’s what we believe in. We’re not fundraising consultants and do NOT charge a fee for consulting. We’ve built a website full of tools to help you and don’t charge anything to use them. We do restrict the people who use this site though so no one can come in and tarnish the reputation of all.

So click the Get Started Now button and get your campaign up and running. You’d be surprised how many people would give you a dollar, or more!


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