Welcome to ADollarTo.me! A people-helping-people-crowd-funding community!

A new concept in crowd-funding. A people-helping-people-crowd-funding community! It’s a simple idea really, a concept that will make a difference and show the good in people. People like you.

Life happens. And life makes us, or can break us. Sometimes all life needs is a little help. That’s what adollarto.me is all about. Just one dollar, from a bunch of us, can make the difference to so many of us truly in need.

If you’re here to help then find a campaign and drop a dollar (or more) on them. You can use our Campaign Search to help locate a worthy recipient. If you’re here to give it a try for yourself or your cause click the "Get Started" button on any page to get going.

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What if you could get 100,000 people to give you a dollar? Everyone has a reason that they need money. Individuals and groups Churches and schools Small busines...

Be Part of Something Big

Made up of many things small It’s a simple idea really, a people-helping-people-crowd-funding concept that will make a difference and show the good in peo...

Tips & Tactics

How to get started with aDollarTo.me

Starting an online fundraiser can be an exciting and fun time. Being able to dream and think about reaching your goals can bring a short respite of relief to the stresses that are making you need to raise money. “What if they’re right and I can get 100,000 people to give me a dollar?” Wow, […]

Fundraising tactics

Once you know how much you plan to raise, why you need to raise it, and how you’ll tell people about it. You need to figure out how you’ll raise it. There are a number of ways to raise money and creative people are finding new ways every day. We’ll keep you informed of new […]

Events can take your efforts to new levels

Fundraising online is a great was to spread your story to an audience you wouldn’t have access too normally. But most successful fundraisers also hold fundraising events in their area. These events take more work but can also be something quite simple. They could be something as easy as a night out with friends and […]


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